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When we think about image processing or creating graphics, what also comes to mind is Photoshop. Even people who have little in common with photography or graphics will know its main functionalities. No wonder - the popularity of Photoshop did not come out of nowhere. The enormity of possibilities it offers makes it a tool without which I can not imagine my daily work. However, there is a certain detail, extinguishing the enthusiasm associated with its use - the price you need to pay for this pleasure.

Lucky for us, there are free and legal alternatives. They're alternatives that will not only replace its functions but in many cases also save a lot of time, which we would devote to learning its use. 

I have gathered for you a few of these types of proposals, with which I came across myself somewhere along the way. Below are my suggestions: 

Its interface is quite similar to Photoshop, but the service is a bit less complicated. It's actually a bit of Photoshop but as an "easy" version. We have, among others, layers, a cloning tool, we can use masks.
This is the only application in this collection which focuses more heavily than on retouching on drawing and broadly understood creative work. Options related to photo processing are a bit less developed here (and certainly not as intuitive as in the case of competitors). The online version is completely free, you have to pay for the downloadable version.

Gimp was my first 'advanced' tool for processing photos and creating simple graphics. I used it for the first time in high school. Gimp has a lot to offer to its users, just take some time to become familiar with its functions. It can be downloaded and installed on your computer completely free.

BeFunky Click here

Online photo editor. It is retouching, adding makeup, teeth whitening, and various other enhancers, there are filters, there are various effects, graphics, frames, textures. A lot of possibilities. Some options require a paid account, but the vast majority will be used for free.

In this statement, I limited myself to the programs with which I had contact and which I can recommend. If I have not exhausted your curiosity and you want to learn more about this type of application, it is worth looking at names such as: Paint.NET (downloadable, Windows only), MyPaint (downloadable, mainly drawing), PhotoFiltre (downloadable, used by some time, but lost in the clash with PhotoScape). 

I hope that all these proposals will stimulate you to creative action. Please let me know in the comment if have you ever used any other?


  1. Thank you for sharing! I have spent so much time scouring the net for good photo apps, thrilled to have come across this. Will try them all.

  2. Haven't tried out any of them, but Pixlr Editor sounds good for me! Thanks for you recommendations!

  3. Thanks good tips for beginners.

  4. This is great information you just shared, I just bookmarked haha

  5. appreciate your efforts for creating this useful post

  6. Great list, thanks for sharing. I have been using Pixlr Editor myself and love its features.

  7. It’s awesome!! Specially because photoshop is pricey it’s great to have an alternative when you’re not a pro


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